Problems of Buildings

Buildings make up 40% of carbon emissions, in operation and construction, according to We spend most of our time indoors, as buildings are the fundamental roots of our shared (or private) wealth, health, culture, economy, transit, security and future.

$100 Billion in energy is wasted every year in building operations, according to the US Secretary of Energy. Building-scale, place-specific data is difficult to find, scattered and hidden amongst different agencies, utilities, systems and controlled gates and industries, while cities use outdated values for zoning, planning and economic value estimates. The current paradigm discounts design quality, embodied carbon, walkability, indoor health, reuse, and other humanistic design values. Urbata 7 BPU allows for more surgical development approach that makes cities better for more for less ($) for less (energy)-- savings in money, energy and improved design that will benefit everyone (including our company!).

A decentralized Building Profile Utility begins the hard work of retrofitting our buildings, and communities, for the future. As the architect Richard Neutra once asked about 100 years ago: “Valid scales and gauges for judging design can be found and must be applied. To deny it would seem nihilistic.” The status quo — aging building stock, expensive retrofits, energy issues, affordability problems — is not good. And the critic Lewis Mumford was 100 years ahead of his time: "Every building has a function to serve. Does it serve it"?""

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