Overview: Building Profile Utility

Urbata BPU: Building Profile Utility is an open interface and database system that integrates and organizes the complex building data, design networks, stakeholders and infrastructures of each building into an easy-to-use, interactive interface and post-occupancy ecosystem.

The interactive BPU system organizes the buildings you use and the architectural essentials for each: space, maintenance, health, systems/fixtures, energy, site, transit and life (history). The (BPU) Building Profile Utility integrates specialized industries together, such as energy grids, industrial design, architecture, programming and manufacturing, where stakeholders can directly manage their buildings and research other community buildings for references to better and less expensive options — better, for more for less. Green tech startups, legacy manufactures, energy grids and stakeholders can all connect to these shared building profiles and facilitate new connections via case studies of each, with no sensitive personal data needed -- only building data.

In addition to the digital integration of the BPU, we are also developing a pilot hub in Syracuse, NY (or close-by) that can bring together community stakeholders into the design process before piloting, creating a blueprint for the evaluation of best plug-in data sources, usable for future scaling -- a network map to manage the connections to this complex, but organized BPU.

  • For more information about Urbata BPU, please email the link below.